F4 Environmental views fluids, solids control, and waste management as a process that must be designed to meet specific drilling conditions. This process design is the key to helping improve the economics and reducing the impact drilling activities have on the environment. We have found that many operators prefer a total fluids management approach that integrates fluids, solids control, and waste management to deliver a cost-effective producing well in a safe and successful manner. The goal of the F4 Environmental research project with Bio-Reclaim & Bio-Surf is to increase drill site efficiency through reduced waste generation during drilling operations.

F4 Environmental is currently researching applications of Bio-Surf & Bio-Reclaim with drill cuttings. Our goal is to extract 90% or more of the crude oil present in drill cuttings oil for processing; then, bio-remediate the remaining soil so it does not have to be moved to a landfill. Lab results have been very successful; F4 Environmental is currently planning field studies. Our process application with Bio-Surf & Bio-Reclaim utilizes a simple surfactant solution that will not require special equipment or major changes to current drill site waste management; henceforth will be very cost effective and prove to provide a revenue stream from the extracted crude oil. F4 Environmental also aims to reclaim drilling fluids and recycle the Bio-Surf surfactant.