F4 Completed an in situ water bioremediation program of Bio-ReClaim in northern Alberta; a pipeline leaked crude oil over a 14 hectare area in muskeg. Alberta Energy (AER) allowed the in situ water application of Bio-Reclaim by F4 Environmental. Keeping in mind the application was performed without any ground disturbance and extremely cost effective compared to the accepted reclamation/remediation “dig and dump”methods. Once containment and recovery operations were completed, F4 applied Bio-Reclaim to the affected area and results were seen in as soon as six days.
In a site south east of Grande Prairie, Alberta, F4 Environmental was successful with a in degrading condensate with Bio-Reclaim from a gas pipeline leak which covered an area spanning over 23,000 cubic meters. An in situ soil application of Bio-Reclaim degraded the condensate without any excavation. AER has been involved in this site and has allowed the in situ treatment and a two year sampling program. Application was completed first week of November, 2015. Sampling completed in June, 2016 showed significant reduction in hydrocarbon contamination.