Founded in 2010, F4 Environmental is dedicated to providing proactive solutions to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from waste streams with some of the most efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective methods available.

  • Established market leader with proprietary bioremediation technology
  • In revenue with high gross margins and low capital requirements
  • Only company servicing the entire hydrocarbon spectrum from light to heavy
  • Environmentally friendly with lowest carbon footprint
  • Multiple site remediation projects completed to date
  • Massive global inventory of hydrocarbon contamination sites (soil and water)
  • ~100 years of management experience in the sector

F4 focused on early research and development activities into the formulation of high performance, cost effective industrial degreasers that respect the health and safety of the user. Key discoveries in both the realm of chemistry and biologics led to the development of Bio-Reclaim™. Bio-Reclaim™ contains highly purified, naturally occurring bacteria with demonstrated ability to mineralize petroleum hydrocarbons and toxic organics to carbon dioxide and water. It also contains dynamic surfactant chemistry to aid in delivery of the biologics throughout contaminated soils. The development of Bio-Reclaim™ now allows forward thinking organizations to completely eliminate environmental and financial liabilities associated with contaminated sites. This is different from landfills which only delay potential liability and future expense.

The Technology is fully accredited with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

We offer a proven alternative to “digging and dumping” which is safer, cheaper and environmentally responsible!

Some of our products and services include on site remediation of contaminated soil and water through the use of innovative biologics and chemistry (in addition to advanced bioremediation processes which result in completion timelines significantly quicker than previously experienced in industry), “Clean Health” products that biodegrade hydrocarbons in sump systems and “Alternative Parts Washers” which eliminate the need for harmful and dangerous chemical cleaners.

A few of the applications our products and services are used for include; oil spills/leaks (land and/or water), groundwater, abandoned oil well sites, bulk fuel station sites, underground storage tank leaks, commercial and private property remediation and heavy equipment/fleet/automotive maintenance facilities.

We are able to complete a one time application of our product on site whereby eliminating the need to re-apply, manipulate or transport the contaminated soil off site for disposal and replacement with clean soil.  The fact that we are able to safely and efficiently clean the soil on site in such a short time period enables us to offer substantial cost savings to the landowner while also eliminating the liability of the contaminated soil.