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Research & Development – Drill Cuttings

F4 Environmental views fluids, solids control, and waste management as a process that must be designed to meet specific drilling conditions. This process design is the key to helping improve the economics and reducing the impact drilling activities have on the environment. We have found that many operators prefer a total fluids management approach that integrates fluids, solids control, and waste management to deliver a cost-effective producing well in a safe and successful manner. The goal of the F4 Environmental research project with Bio-Reclaim & Bio-Surf is to increase drill site efficiency through reduced waste generation during drilling operations. 

F4 Environmental is currently researching applications of Bio-Surf & Bio-Reclaim with drill cuttings. Our goal is to extract 90% or more of the crude oil present in drill cuttings oil for processing then bioremediate the remaining soil so it does not have to be moved to a landfill.

Lab results have been very successful; F4 Environmental is currently planning field studies.

Our process application with Bio-Surf & Bio-Reclaim utilizes a simple surfactant solution that will not require special equipment or major changes to current drill site waste management; henceforth will be very cost effective and prove to provide a revenue stream from the extracted crude oil. F4 Environmental also aims to reclaim drilling fluids and recycle the Bio-Surf surfactant.



F4 Spill In Situ Applications

F4 Completed an in situ water bioremediation program of Bio-ReClaim in northern Alberta; a pipeline leaked crude oil over a 14 hectare area in muskeg. Alberta Energy (AER) allowed the in situ water application of Bio-Reclaim by F4 Environmental. Keeping in mind the application was performed without any ground disturbance and extremely cost effective compared to the accepted reclamation/remediation “dig and dump”methods. Once containment and recovery operations were completed, F4 applied Bio-Reclaim to the affected area and results were seen in as soon as six days.










In a site south east of Grande Prairie, Alberta, F4 Environmental was successful with a in degrading condensate with Bio-Reclaim from a gas pipeline leak which covered an area spanning over 23,000 cubic meters. An in situ soil application of Bio-Reclaim degraded the condensate without any excavation. AER has been involved in this site and has allowed the in situ treatment and a two year sampling program. Application was completed first week of November, 2015. Sampling completed in June, 2016 showed significant reduction in hydrocarbon contamination.

F4 Environmental continues to produce the industries best results on hydrocarbon contamination both on land and in water.

Another successful F4 Environmental application on hydrocarbon contamination in water.

Another successful F4 Environmental application on hydrocarbon contamination on land.


Before and after – 90 days.

Gathering test samples

Gathering test samples

90 Days after Application

90 Days after Application

ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and PICS Auditing registrations complete!

F4 has developed an extensive HS&E program to protect our employees, clients and the public.  We are fully prepared and qualified to work to the most stringent standards and as such are now registered and fully compliant with the following three major contractor pre-qualifing programs:



PICS Auditing

New Technology Magazine Article about F4 Environmental

New Technology Magazine (a publication of the JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group) has featured an article about F4 Environmental in the Greenscene Section of their January/February 2013 Edition.  Click on link below to view:

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